Economic construction using innovative geosynthetics

The generic term "geosynthetics" covers a multitude of innovative synthetic products used in the construction industry. Depending on the type of application, geosynthetics are used for separating, filtering, protecting, reinforcing, draining, erosion control, encasing and sealing.
Many products perform several of these functions simultaneously.

Our complete range includes the most widely used geosynthetics, such as non-woven materials, woven geotextiles, geogrids, asphalt reinforcement grids,
drainage mats, drainage grids, erosion control mats, geosynthetic clay liners (bentonite mats) and polymeric geomembranes. In addition to these, we offer other special products such as composite materials, geocells, etc. Our range of services also includes the implementation of customised solutions.

Today, geosynthetics are used successfully in almost all areas of construction, including in highway construction, civil and structural engineering, gardening and landscaping, or building construction. Geosynthetics have also become indispensable in particularly sensitive areas such as water engineering or landfill applications. Modern industrial manufacturing methods enable consistently high quality standards to be maintained and thus provide the basis for technologically reliable and cost-effective construction methods.

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BEBIT Asphalt Reinforcement Grids product video

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