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General information about the LDPE Sealing Membranes

High flexibility and durability

LDPE sealing membranes are finding increasing application as liners in ponds, natural swimming ponds and rainwater retention basins, as well as sealing elements in highway construction and water engineering.

They are also suitable for use as a root protection barrier on green roofs and as a temporary cover to provide protection against weather effects and erosion.

Sealing membranes made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are thermoplastics and are manufactured by polymerising ethylene at high pressure. LDPE has a density of approximately 0.92 g/cm³ and is notable for its good mechanical and chemical resistance.

The particular advantage of LDPE synthetic membranes lies in the high flexibility of the material. Since the LDPE sealing membranes are UV-resistant and do not contain plasticisers, their material properties remain constant with time.

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