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The mode of action of the BEGRID TG Geogrid is simple and effective. Loads within the structure are distributed across a wide area by the geogrid before being transferred to the subsoil, thus avoiding any overloading caused by point loads. This avoids the need for costly and laborious earthworks, such as soil improvement measures or the replacement of soil with load-bearing material.

BEGRID TG Geogrids produce excellent results in terms of reinforcement. BEGRID TG is made from UV-resistant polypropylene (PP) membranes. In the production process, a predefined pattern of holes is punched into the membranes, which are then stretched laterally and longitudinally. This forms a dimensionally stable geogrid with low elongation.

The extremely robust and bending-resistant grid structures consist of monolithic ribs and intersection points. In contrast to other types of geogrid, no jointed nodes are formed during production. The geogrids are instead formed from a single piece of material. These typical product characteristics make BEGRID TG particularly well suited for use in civil engineering and road construction.

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