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Functionality of TERRAMESH System Solutions

System Solutions


TERRAMESH system solutions are based on the construction principle of laying reinforcement grids in layers with layers of soil or aggregate. This creates a reinforced earth structure.

All TERRAMESH systems involve the installation of layers of steel wire mesh in accordance with the structural design and with the necessary anchor lengths and a vertical spacing of up to 100 cm.

There are two different TERRAMESH systems:

  • TERRAMESH SYSTEM – back-tied gabion front
  • TERRAMESH GREEN – rear-anchored steep slope reinforcement suitable for planting

The back-tied TERRAMESH SYSTEM with gabions comprises a steel wire mesh that forms the rear-anchored tail and the base, facing and lid of the gabions.

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TERRAMESH GREEN is a steep slope reinforcement system suitable for planting and installed using the fold-over principle. The steel wire mesh folds over to encase the soil layer above it and the permanent formwork necessary to secure the facing, made of structural steel, with the prefabricated erosion control mat.

The elements forming the face of the slope can be filled with stone instead of soil, if required.

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