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New! BECOLASTIC shock pads for artical turf systems

BECOLASTIC shock pads for artical turf systems

BECOLASTIC shock pads for artical turf systems

When constructing football pitches with synthetic turf, users and designers have a wide range of concepts and types of synthetic turf to choose from. In creating a durable overall system with properties as similar as possible to those of natural turf, the use of a suitable shock pads is of vital importance. The perfect combination of synthetic turf, infill material and shock pads is what makes all the difference when playing and for ensuring a long service life.

The BECOLASTIC shock pad provides sports constructors, design engineers and clubs with a sound shock pad that has been tried and tested in synthetic turf systems over several decades. Thanks to consistent and focused further development and modification, the latest BECOLASTIC generation performs even better in terms of water drainage and ease of installation.

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