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BEDRAIN Drainage Grids

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General information about BEDRAIN Drainage Grids

For use beneath paved areas and in green areas above underground car parks

BEDRAIN drainage grids are stable plastic grids made of extruded HDPE (high-density polyethylene). The material is characterised by its high fracture resistance and tear resistance with minimum elongation.

BEDRAIN Drainagegitter

Application areas

The main areas of application for BEDRAIN drainage grids are in planted areas above underground car parks and in paved areas above structures. Planted areas above underground car parks present a particular challenge in design and construction.

Because these areas are usually at ground level, a much more intensive use is possible than is usually the case for green roofs. The roofs of underground car parks are usually completely or partly planted and paved.

Footpaths, roads, paved areas, play areas, fire service access routes, or parking spaces are also often constructed above underground car parks, in addition to green areas..


BEDRAIN drainage grids remain stable even under these high loads and ensure that water drains away. Under paved areas, such as parking spaces, vehicular access routes and entrances to underground car parks, there is usually very little pavement thickness between the surfacing and the drainage layer. The use of conventional drainage materials is therefore often not feasible.

This is where BEDRAIN drainage grids come into their own. Their stable drainage core made of polyethylene (PE) ensures high-performance drainage despite the thinness of the material. BEDRAIN drainage grids also provide high-quality protection for structures and are cost-effective to handle and lay on site.


The drainage grids have an overlap of non-woven fabric at one end and on one side so that they can be laid with butt joints and no overlap losses. The material can be cut easily as required on site using cutters or electric cutting tools.

BEDRAIN Drainage Mats
BEDRAIN Drainage Mats

High-performance drainage systems play an important role in intensive and extensive green roofs. BEDRAIN drainage mats perform this key function and offer financial benefits.... To the product

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