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BEDRAIN Drainage Mats

Green roof systems

General information about BEDRAIN Drainage Mats

The economical solution for flat-roof drainage

High-performance drainage systems play an important role in intensive and extensive green roofs. BEDRAIN drainage mats perform this key function and offer financial benefits.

BEDRAIN drainage mats are cost-effective and can be laid quickly and economically due to their availability in wide rolls. Depending on the particular requirements, BEDRAIN drainage mats are available in different thicknesses, with a non-woven fabric on either one or both sides. The drainage core of BEDRAIN drainage mats consists of a structured mat made of randomly arranged polypropylene monofilaments and has a high void content. This ensures optimum drainage performance for green flat roofs and prevents the harmful accumulation of water in green roof systems.

BEDRAIN drainage mats also act as a hard-wearing protective layer that protects the structure from mechanical damage during the construction phase and throughout its service life. BEDRAIN drainage mats effectively reduce the risk of structural damage caused by defective roof cladding or damaged root-barrier membranes.

BEDRAIN Drainage Grids
BEDRAIN Drainage Grids

Pressure-resistant drainage grids with non-woven fabric bonded on one or both sides, for use in drainage applications beneath underground car park green roofs and under paved areas.... To the product

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