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General information about BETEX TP Non-woven Fabrics

Green roof systems

Separating, filtering and protective layers for green roofs

BETEX TP non-woven fabrics are characterised by their flexibility and material thickness. The great diversity of BETEX TP non-woven materials, with standard weights ranging between 150 g/m² and 800 g/m², enables the ideal material to be selected for each project according to the type of application and the requirements of the structure.

BETEX TP Non-woven Fabric


BETEX non-woven fabrics with a weight per unit area of between 300 g/m² and 500 g/m² are the standard choice for the protection of roof cladding or root-barrier membranes from mechanical damage. These thick and extremely robust non-woven fabrics offer optimum protection against structural damage during the construction phase and beyond.

BETEX TP non-woven fabrics with weights of 150 g/m² to 200 g/m² are used in green roofs as a separation and filter layer. They effectively prevent different types of fill material from mixing, and prevent the drainage layer from becoming clogged by fine particles. BETEX TP non-woven materials provide long-term filter stability and ensure excellent long-term water permeability for green roof structures.

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