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General infoamtion about the PEGASOFT System Classic

In-situ Safety Surfaces

Jointless safety surface for individual solutions

Architecture, and in particular landscape architecture, is the art of the possible.

PEGASOFT safety surfaces gives architects the freedom to experiment with colour and shape, even for the smallest of projects. The designer's imagination can run wild.

The jointless PEGASOFT safety surface transforms drab areas into varied and colourful living space. PEGASOFT, is highly cost-effective.

Why not draw inspiration for your own project from our many and varied reference projects.

We produce PEGASOFT safety surfaces according to the specifications of designers and clients to create special highlights in urban landscapes.

The matting comprises a highly elastic base material with a colour-fast surface layer made of EPDM rubber. The jointless, flat surfaces are optimum in terms of use and maintenance. Even vandalism stands practically no chance against them.

Test certificates are available for all the products, in accordance with the applicable standards. The superior force reduction values guarantee the safety of the children and the peace of mind of the operator.

PEGASOFT safety surface is available for fall heights of up to 3.20 m and in thicknesses of between 10 mm and 105 mm. We have up-to-date test certificates in accordance with pr DIN EN 1177. The decisive factor, however, has to be our many years of practical experience. Only surfacing whose useful life extends far beyond the warranty period justifies its capital outlay. PEGASOFT is the right choice from this point of view too.

Technically and professionally, we offer clients, designers and contractors all that they would expect of a service company. PEGASOFT can be installed quickly and inexpensively, anywhere in Germany, to provide the required level of safety.

We are here to help.

Safety Surfaces
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