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Type of constructionBuilding structureFunctionProduct groups
Buildings Avalanche and rockfall protection Drainage Asphalt reinforcement grids
Construction and civil engineering Beach sports areas Dynamic layer Beach-Fun
Garden and landscaping works Bridge abutments Edgings Composite geotextile materials
Sport and leisure facilities Canal structures Erosion control Drainage matting
Track construction Coastal and river bank protection Filters Dynamic layers
Dams and water engineering structures Mineral playing field surfaces Erosion control mats
Drainage system Mineral playing surfaces Football
Earthworks and foundations Natural turf playing fields Geogrids
Equestrian centres Paving for stables and paths Geotechnische Systemlösung
Football pitches Protect Geotextiles
Gardens Reinforce Golf
Golf courses Root barriers In-situ saftey surfaces
Green landscaping Safety surfaces Mineral playing field surfaces
Green roofs Separating Mineral sports surface
Green roofs on underground garages Sports ground equipment Moulded saftey-surface elements
Landfill and contaminated sites Sports surfaces Natural turf
Landfill sites Steep slope reinforcement Non-woven fabrics
Metal roof systems Surfaces plant growth
Multi-storey car parks Synthetic turf areas Root-barrier membranes
Noise reinforcement Synthetic turf playing fields Safety tiles
Play areas Vegetation layer Sealing membranes
Ponds Waterproofing/sealing Separating Layers
Protection of foundation walls Weed control Structural protection mats
Retaining structures Synthetic turf
Road construction Tennis
Roads and traffic areas Weed control
Storage basins Woven geotextiles
Tank farms
Tennis courts
Tram tracks
Tunnel construction
Water engineering structures
Water retention basins


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BEBIT Asphalt Reinforcement Grids product video

BEBIT Asphalt Reinforcement Grids product video

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