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synthetic turf shock pad

Functions of BECOLASTIC shock pads in artificial turf

A modern synthetic-turf playing field is not defined by the synthetic turf alone, but by the whole system, made up of individual components and layers that need to be perfectly coordinated and compatible with each other. As in many other areas, the entire system is only as good as its constituent parts. The best synthetic turf also needs a suitable shock pad and an optimal sub-base in order to achieve its true potential.

Synthetic-turf systems and shock pads are regulated in the

  • DIN EN 15330-1
  • DIN SPEC 91335
  • DIN 18035-7

standards and recommendations and have to meet a wide range of requirements. The core functions include suitability for sports, protective and technical functions, and environmental compatibility. The sports function relates to those properties of the synthetic turf that affect playing performance and the stress placed on players. The spectrum of requirements covers rotational resistance, ball roll behaviour, levelness, vertical ball rebound and vertical deformation of the synthetic-turf surface.

Hervorragende Eigenschaften des Kunstrasenplatzes in Bezug auf das Spielverhalten
Excellent rotational resistance, ball roll behaviour, levelness, vertical ball rebound and vertical deformation

The protective function of the synthetic turf playing field serves to reduce the players’ risk of injury and of damage to the musculoskeletal system. The fundamental requirements here are shock absorption, rotational resistance and vertical deformation of the turf system.

Reduzierung des Verletzungsrisikos und Schäden des Bewegungsapparates der Spieler werden über die Schutzfunktion des Kunstrasenspielfeldes abgebildet
Reduces players risk of injury and damage through shock absorption

The technical function of the system covers requirements affecting the service life of the synthetic turf field, such as ageing, wear, contact diffusion and dimensional stability.

Environmental friendliness is assessed in relation to the long-term effects that the components of the synthetic turf system have on the soil and groundwater.

BECOLASTIC complies with the current requirements of

  • DIN EN 15330-1
  • DIN SPEC 91335
  • DIN 18035-7

and can be perfectly used in artifical turf systems designed to meet the highest requirements as set forward in the FIFA Quality Concept Handbook for artificial turf.

FIFA Recommended 1 Star und 2 Star Quality Concept.

Die BECOLASTIC Elastikschicht nimmt kein Wasser auf und ist absolut frostsicher. Selbst bei Minusgraden bleibt der Kunstrasenplatz hochelastisch.
The technical function of BECOLASTIC provides freeze proofness and stays stable even in freezing temperatures

Structure of BECOLASTIC artificial turf


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