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synthetic turf shock pad

BECOLASTIC provides shock pads for artificial turf systems

When constructing football pitches with synthetic turf, users and designers have a wide range of concepts and types of synthetic turf to choose from. In creating a durable overall system with properties as similar as possible to those of natural turf, the use of a suitable shock pads is of vital importance. The perfect combination of synthetic turf, infill material and shock pads is what makes all the difference when playing and for ensuring a long service life.

The BECOLASTIC shock pad provides sports constructors, design engineers and clubs with a sound shock pad that has been tried and tested in synthetic turf systems over several decades. Thanks to consistent and focused further development and modification, the latest BECOLASTIC generation performs even better in terms of water drainage and ease of installation.

Die BECOLASTIC Elastikschicht ist eine für Kunstrasensystemen bewährte Elastikschicht
BECOLASTIC shock pads are ideal solution for many different types of applications

BECOLASTIC is a prefabricated shock pad made of 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam. It has a proven record of long-term elasticity over a period of more than 30 years, with practically no change in its shock absorption values in synthetic turf systems.

The excellent performance of BECOLASTIC has been verified in independent long-term studies. Repeated inspection tests have shown that the shock absorption values and material properties remain practically constant over the years. Optimal test values were obtained even in cases where the worn synthetic turf had been replaced and the original BECOLASTIC shock pad left in place.

BECOLASTIC shock pads are industrially manufactured. This guarantees consistent technical product characteristics and a constantly high level of quality. They are prefabricated to fit the dimensions of the particular playing field and is then delivered to the site in rolls. BECOLASTIC can be laid quickly, conveniently and easily in a single operation. The synthetic turf can then be laid directly on top of the BECOLASTIC shock pad, ensuring that the entire synthetic turf playing field can be installed within a very short time.

Die Elastikschicht wird auf die Maße des jeweiligen Spielfeldes vorkonfektioniert und in Rollen direkt auf die Baustelle geliefert
BECOLASTIC shock pads are prefabricated to fit the dimensions of the particular playing field and is then delivered to the site in rolls

The excellent chemical and microbiological resistance of the polyethylene base material prevents environmental conditions, such as pollutants and micro-organisms, from causing reactive changes in the material structure that could permanently alter the product. This means that the mechanical properties, such as shock absorption, remain unchanged over time.

The closed cell - polyethylene foam also shows a clear and ecological advantage and performance. Since there is no undesirable leaching of pollutants from the BECOLASTIC shock pad. It can also be used for synthetic turf playing fields located in waterbody aeras where drinking water can be collected.

Cross-shaped perforations are made in the BECOLASTIC shock pad in an industrial manufacturing process. These perforations make it possible to lay the sheets flexibly and to ensure that they are absolutely level over the whole area. Once the synthetic turf system has been installed on a suitable base layer, the perforations guarantee excellent water permeability (water infiltration rate > 1000 mm/h), so that the synthetic turf pitch can be used again immediately after heavy rain.

BECOLASTIC offers a wide range of advantages compared to elastic layers based on open-cell structures such as for example in-situ elastic layers (EL/ET - layers). In contrast to those shock pads that are water-permeable through their overall cell structure and surface area, BECOLASTIC does not absorb water thanks to the closed-cell structure of the material and is, therefore, absolutely frost resistant. The synthetic turf remains elastic even in sub-zero conditions.

Nor can any foreign substances, such as dust, sand or liquids, etc. possibly penetrate the closed-cell structure and change the elastic properties of BECOLASTIC.

Kontrollprüfungen ergaben, dass die Werte des Kraftabbaus und der Materialbeschaffenheit über die Jahre hinweg nahezu konstant sind.
BECOLASTIC provides excellent performance. This has been verified in independent long-term studies.

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