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General infoamtion about the BECOLASTIC synthetic turf systems

Synthetic Turf Systems

The latest generation of synthetic turf systems

Introduction and description of the system

A cost-effective green sports field that requires no mowing, fertilising or watering, and can be used the whole year round, whatever the weather, is the dream of every lawn sports enthusiast and all investors.

This dream finally became reality in the mid 1970s and is the reason for the subsequent worldwide success of synthetic turf. Over the years, different types of synthetic turf have been developed and constantly improved.

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The most important factor in producing similar characteristics to those of natural turf is the elasticity of the overall system. This depends essentially on the type of infill material used and, in particular, on the elastic layer beneath the turf.

BECOlastic synthetic turf systems, laid on a DIN-compliant layer of bound or unbound sub-base, represent a tried and tested construction method that has been in successful use since 1983. They enable developers to create sports fields to the highest international standards at comparatively low cost

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BECOlastic elastic layer

BECOlastic is an elastic layer made of 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam. It has proved its long-term elasticity over a period of more than 20 years so far, with practically no change in its force dissipation values. Combine these properties with any synthetic turf of the latest generation and you have the perfect system solution.

In contrast to elastic base-courses or other elastic layers, BECOlastic is permanently elastic, harmless to the environment and economical over a period of many years.

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The BECOlastic synthetic turf system comprises the following components:

  1. The latest generation of synthetic turf, with a pile height of approximately 40 - 50 mm
  2. Elastic infill material: approximately 4 - 9 kg/m² of granulated rubber
  3. Mineral infill material: approx. 18 - 20 kg/m² of crystal silica sand
  4. BECOlastik elastic layer
  5. Laid on a bound or unbound sub-base layer constructed in accordance with DIN 18035-7

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The closed-cell material absorbs no water whatsoever, which makes it absolutely resistant to frost, in contrast to other types of elastic layer made of permeable material. Remains highly elastic, in summer and winter alike!

Chemically resistant
Due to the excellent chemical resistance of polyethylene, no chemical reactions (such as with acid rain for example) can occur that could change the properties of the material in any way. Durable, with practically no change in its properties over time!

The layer is highly permeable to water
Precise perforations ensure a water permeability of 0.05 cm/s. Play can resume immediately after heavy rain!

Industrially manufactured
All the components, including the elastic layer, are industrially manufactured. This guarantees stable and consistent properties. Consistent high quality!

The closed-cell structure renders it impossible for other substances (such as water) to penetrate the material or change its properties. The mechanical properties, such as force dissipation characteristics, remain permanently unchanged. The greatest possible protection against over-compaction of the infill material!

Environmentally compatible
The use of environmentally neutral, closed-cell polyethylene foam ensures that no constituents can be washed out of the elastic layer. Suitable for use in drinking water catchment areas!

The very first playing fields with BECOlastic were constructed in 1983 - 1984, and some are still in use today. In these cases, BECOlastic continues to function exactly as it did at the time of construction, after more than 23 years’ use. The new generation of synthetic turf that we use has an expected service life of approximately 15 years. When the turf becomes worn and has to be taken up, the new synthetic turf can be laid on top of the existing BECOlastic. The special characteristics required for sports surfaces remain unchanged with time!

Both the elastic layer and the synthetic turf are industrially manufactured and supplied on rolls that are tailored to match the dimensions of the playing field in question so that they can be laid quickly in one operation. As a rule, the elastic layer and the synthetic turf can be rolled out and bonded within a single day! This saves money! An existing mineral surface on an unbound sub-base layer, for example, can be converted at relatively little cost.

The synthetic turf layer

Working together with professional footballers, football coaches, experts and scientists, we have developed high-quality and cost-effective synthetic turf systems to meet the particular requirements of sport applications.

The synthetic turf products available today have a multitude of different technical specifications and properties. It is therefore essential to compare the most important characteristics.

The aim is always to create an optimal sports surface that can be used 365 days a year and in all kinds of weather, since the surface will be the stage for activities of every type.

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Our synthetic turfs have an extremely dense structure and use a combination of several different green tones to produce a particularly natural appearance.

In addition to this, our filament technology has been permanently optimised to ensure perfect "spring-back" of the turf fibres.

This means that we can offer the highest quality standard with a guaranteed service life of up to 10 years for our synthetic turfs.

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Infill materials for synthetic turf

BECOlastic synthetic turf systems are installed with a double infill layer consisting of a mineral fill material and an elastic fill material.

All our infill materials are DIN tested and are subject to stringent, on-going quality monitoring by external authorities.

Mineral infill material to ensure the fundamental stability of the turf:

  • Fire-dried crystal silica sand (grain size 0.25 - 1.25 mm)
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Elastic infill material for point elasticity of the surface:

  • Recycled SBR, granulated, black (grain size 0.5 – 4.0 mm)
  • Recycled SBR, granulated, PU coated, green (grain size 0.5 – 4.0 mm)
  • EPDM rubber, new material, granulated, green (grain size 0.5 – 4.0 mm)
  • TPE, new material, granulated, green (grain size 0.5 – 4.0 mm)

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Testing and certification

All our systems have been tested and certified by independent test institutes in accordance with DIN V 18035-7. They also undergo both internal and external quality monitoring on a regular basis, in accordance with DIN CERTCO, for example.

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Design, construction and maintenance

We provide advice and assistance from your first cost-benefit analysis right through to the detailed design!

We construct your sports facilities to the highest international standards, employing state-of-the-art machinery and experienced specialists. We put your ideas into action! From construction of the sub-base through to the precise infilling (to the nearest millimetre) of the turf and the installation of ultra-modern equipment, we will be sure to make your arena a major attraction for the up-and-coming sports talent in your region.

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The synthetic turf must be brushed at regular intervals, depending on the amount of use and the type of location, in order to remove any debris (such as leaves). The special machine used to clean the turf can be found in our LOB Sport football catalogue.

Professional maintenance using special machinery is required once a year. We can also provide this service if required.

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We are here to help.

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