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General infoamtion about the Dynamic layers

The tried and tested base layer for water-bound surfaces

Dynamic layers are laid immediately underneath the crushed aggregate surface layer of tennis courts, football pitches and athletics tracks.

They improve elasticity and provide a graded aggregate transition between the mineral surface and the sub-base layer.

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Functionality of the Dynamic layers

Functionality of Dynamic layers

The dynamic layers store moisture, which is later released to the water-bound surface layer in dry weather.

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Advantages of the Dynamic layers

Advantages of Dynamic layers

These tried and tested high-quality construction materials are characterised by their low fill weight, excellent water permeability, and high water-retention capacity.
They are wear-resistant and weatherproof. Regular suitability tests are carried out for quality assurance purposes.

  • BECOdyn, with a grain size of 0/16, is a dynamic layer made of natural volcanic rock. It complies with DIN 18035, Part 5.
  • BECO boiler slag is an extremely light power station slag that complies with DIN 18035, Part 5. Our plant near Würzburg supplies this material as a cost-effective and economical alternative to other types of dynamic layer.
  • Lava, with a grain size of 0/16, is a tried and tested natural aggregate from the Eifel region, tested in accordance with DIN 18035, Part 5.

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Clay tennis court surfacing
Clay tennis court surfacing

Continuously monitored, high-quality construction materials for tennis courts, to meet the most exacting requirements.... To the product

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