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Mineral surface materials are mineral materials that have been used for decades, with great success, in the construction of water-bound surfaces for sports grounds. They present an inexpensive and extremely robust alternative to natural turf, synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf.

The requirements for mineral surface materials are laid out in DIN 18035, Part 5. Our red mineral surfacing, with a grain size 0/3 mm, is made up of a specially selected mix of natural stone consisting of weather-resistant reddish-brown hard quartz porphyry. As a high-quality construction material, tested to DIN standard, this material has been proving its worth in many different types of sports grounds for more than 30 years.

As a pure natural-stone product, our red surfacing is free from pollutants and therefore ecologically harmless. The material is produced near Aschaffenburg, which means that we can supply to Hesse, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia at particularly reasonable freight rates.

With mineral surface materials made of less resilient materials, such as slag, the percentage of fine grains increases with time as a result of wear and weathering. This eventually results in problems of water impermeability. Our red supporting grain mix, with a grain size of 1/3 mm, is used for the successful renovation of existing mineral sports surfaces, to improve the particle size distribution and shear strength of the surfacing. This restores the required water permeability and results in a significant increase in shear strength.

BECOtenn, with a grain size of 0/3 mm, is a mineral surface construction material made of reddish-brown natural stone, in accordance with DIN 18035, Part 5. Comprehensive test certificates have been awarded. This product is ecologically harmless and ideally suited for use in the construction of weather-resistant sports surfaces that meet all the requirements with respect to water permeability, shear strength, etc.

Substrates for sports ground turf
Substrates for sports ground turf

Substrates for sports ground turf, as a cost-effective solution for natural turf of the highest quality.... To the product

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