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General information about Substrates for garden and landscaping applications

Construction Materials for Sports Grounds

Properties designed to suit the location and type of application

More than 20 years of manufacturing experience go into the production of our innovative construction materials for sports grounds and guarantee their high quality standards.

The development of our Upper Palatinate substrates, from eastern Bavaria, is based on the extensive research and many years of experience of an expert in the field. The components of the mix are carefully coordinated to guarantee optimum performance.

Our substrates for gardens, plants and tree-planting, and our crushed aggregate substrates are all carefully adapted to suit the corresponding needs and requirements.

Special substrate mixes are required for different tree planting locations, such as:

  • Areas of vegetation with no traffic loading
  • Cycle paths and pedestrian areas with low traffic loading
  • Parking areas and carriageway areas with relatively high traffic loading
  • Unbound roads
  • Fire brigade access roads
  • Car parks

These vegetation substrates also guarantee optimum characteristics, ideally suited to the type of location and application, and have been optimised to meet all the requirements of the DIN and FLL standards.

They provide the best possible basis for optimum growth and stability.

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Sports Grounds
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Mr Rudolf Motzek

Sales Director Equipment for Sports Grounds

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