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Technical Data of TERRABENT

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Technical Data of TERRABENT

Technical parameters

Type of slope face
Suitable for planting
Wire Double twisted steel wire
Wire coating Thick galvanised coating with a GalMac alloy ZN-AL 5% and an additional PVC coating
Wire diameter LIGHT 2.2 mm / 3.2 mm, including coating
STANDARD 2.7 mm / 3.7 mm, including coating
Mesh size Approximately 8 x 10 cm
Steel grid mat Round steel, 8.0 mm diameter
Inclination triangle Round steel, 8.0 mm diameter
Bracing hook Round steel, 6.0 mm diameter
Erosion control mat Non-woven synthetic or polypropylene (PP) fabric
Inclination angle 45-70°

Standard dimensions

length *
Face width
Vertical height / Vertical face area
2,0 m 3,0 m 0,58 m for 45° inclination angle / 1,74 m2
3,0 m 3,0 m 0,70 m for 60° inclination angle / 2,10 m2
4,0 m 3,0 m 0,73 m for 65° inclination angle / 2,19 m2
5,0 m 3,0 m 0,76 m for 70° inclination angle / 2,28 m2
6,0 m 3,0 m 0,76 m for 70° inclination angle / 2,28 m2

* Different embedding lengths possible by arrangement.

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