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Soil stabilisation and the construction of reinforced earth structures have long been important aspects of civil engineering. Today, modern techniques and innovative materials enable even extremely complex structures to be built and technologically sophisticated construction works to be carried out.

The areas of application cover a broad spectrum, from traditional subgrade stabilisation through to noise barriers, embankments and wall structures.

One area that presents a special challenge with regard to slope stabilisation is the construction of extremely steep embankments and wall structures. The reinforcement must be designed to provide the structure with adequate stability, to ensure internal and external stability against collapse and to protect the exposed surface against erosion.

In the meantime, infrastructure elements also have to fulfil increasing expectations regarding their appearance and ecological compatibility, whilst also being financially viable. TERRAMESH system solutions, made of innovative steel wire elements, offer a reliable and economic alternative to traditional construction methods using concrete.

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The reinforcing material in TERRAMESH systems comprises a mesh made of double twisted steel wire. It has duplex protection, consisting of a thick galvanised GalMac alloy coating and an additional PVC coating.

With the TERRAMESH system solution, the reinforcement is positioned and the face of the structure formed in one continuous construction process. The defining parameters, such as the inclination, anchor length and appearance of the slope face, can be tailored to the individual structure.

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Modular system configuration

Thanks to their prefabricated and pre-assembled elements, all TERRAMESH systems are quick and easy to install. No special knowledge or machinery is required. Construction progress is swift, even with a small workforce and minimum use of machinery. In addition to the economic advantages of TERRAMESH, these systems also reduce the effects of the works and the structure on the public and the environment.

The key characteristics of TERRAMESH systems are resilience, reliability and a long service life. These quality standards are reflected in the choice of materials used, as well as in the production and project planning processes.

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TERRAMESH is a brand-name product made by MACCAFERRI, and we are the company’s exclusive sales agent in Germany.

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