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System Solutions

Installation instructions for the TERRAMESH System Solutions:

  1. Align the elements where they are to be installed.
  2. Fold out and carefully lay the pre-assembled anchoring tail section (Fig. a).
  3. Fold back the body of the gabion (Fig. b).
  4. Lift up the front panel of the gabion and connect it to the body section (Fig. c).
  5. Fill the gabions with rock (Fig. d).
  6. Fold the top layer of mesh over to form the lid panel of the gabion and connect it to the side panels
    (Fig. e).
  7. Backfill behind the gabions by means of “end tipping” and compact the material.
  8. Position the next layer of elements on the layer already installed and fix them to the adjacent and underlying elements using ties.
  9. Repeat the above steps until the topmost layer has been installed.
  10. Our detailed installation and laying instructions for TERRAMESH system solutions must also be followed.

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