Shooting ranges

Shooting is a widespread sport in Germany and is practised with different weapons and calibres. There are as many as 15 different shooting events at the Olympic Games. The number of shooting stands and shooting ranges in which sport shooters and shooting clubs train is correspondingly large. Other groups such as the police, hunters and the military also practice regularly at shooting ranges.

A top priority in these facilities is providing the shooters with proper protection from splinters and ricochets. For this reason, the floors, walls, ceilings and bullet traps must be lined in such a way that penetrating projectiles cannot return to the shooting area. Suitable mats made of granulated rubber with bullet-absorbing properties are used for this purpose. They also absorb sound. All materials are tested in advance by the firearms test centre to check their suitability for use in shooting ranges. Interlocking pavers and elastic slabs made of granulated rubber are suitable for paths and shooting stands in the outdoor areas of shooting ranges.

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