PEGAFLOR safety surfaces made of synthetic turf

Much has happened in recent years with regard to elastic safety surfaces. Safety tiles and elastic moulded elements are now available in many shapes and colours; and with seamless in-situ surfacing made of granulated rubber, the creative possibilities for safety surfaces are practically endless.

Fortunately, the days when the surface below playground equipment was typically trampled grass are now over. Nowadays, standards and independent testing are in place for fall protection systems for playgrounds and leisure facilities.

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Your advantages

Tested and durable fall protection (DIN EN 1177-2018)

Can be used in all weather conditions

Cost-effective and sustainable overall concept


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With PEGAFLOR safety surfaces, synthetic turf is making a comeback

Thanks to the combination of modern, industrially manufactured BECOLASTIC elastic layers and the latest generation of near-natural synthetic turf, safety surfaces can be constructed as attractive green areas.

The BECOLASTIC elastic layer underneath the synthetic turf guarantees the certified level of fall protection, and the synthetic turf itself is hardly distinguishable from natural grass in terms of appearance and feel.

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Low-maintenance and highly resilient fall protection

In contrast to natural grass, a PEGAFLOR synthetic turf safety surface is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance throughout its years of service.

Even during rain or in sub-zero temperatures, PEGAFLOR remains dry and usable and loses none of its good fall protection properties.

System components

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The basis: BECOLASTIC elastic layer

Multiple layers of closed-cell polyethylene foam (PE) form the basis of the system.

Since the PE foam itself does not absorb water, the layers have drainage slits across their entire surface to ensure good drainage of rainwater. The BECOLASTIC elastic layer is installed on site by experienced professional installers and adapted to the conditions on site to create a homogeneous safety surface without any joints, folds or steps.

Synthetic turf without infill

A synthetic turf, optimised for the specific application, is then installed on the elastic base. All PEGAFLOR safety surfaces use types of synthetic turf that no longer need to be filled with granulate or sand. All these types of turf have long fibre bundles as well as short, curly support fibres. This innovative synthetic turf has a natural look and a dense and stable turf structure that requires no infill. The synthetic turf is permanently bonded to the elastic layer below it using an adhesive that is specially adapted for this purpose.

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Full-surface bonding

To ensure long-term reliability, the individual layers of the BECOLASTIC base and the synthetic turf are fully bonded together at the edges.

The individual sheets of synthetic turf are butted together where they meet and the seams are then expertly bonded to create a jointless surface.


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  • Fall heights of up to 1.70 m (tested according to DIN EN 1177-2018)
  • A densely tufted, long-pile synthetic turf with extremely good wear resistance
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  • Fall heights of up to 1.65 m (tested according to DIN EN 1177-2018)
  • Long-pile turf with the highest feel-good factor and brilliant haptics
  • An ideal product for nurseries
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  • Fall heights of up to 1.54 m (tested according to DIN EN 1177-2018)
  • Synthetic turf with medium pile height for many different applications
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– Fall heights of up to 1.61 m (tested according to DIN EN 1177-2018) – The all-rounder among synthetic turf, hard-wearing and robust – Standard color green, on request also available in blue, terracotta or yellow

Pegaflor Play 24


– Fall heights of up to 1.72 m (tested according to DIN EN 1177-2018) – Medium pile, durable turf – Standard color green, on request also available in blue, terracotta or yellow


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PEGAFLOR safety surfaces are suitable for a very wide range of applications

  • Playgrounds
  • Crèches
  • Nurseries
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Swimming pools
  • Retirement homes and nursing homes
  • Senior residential complexes
  • Spa and rehabilitation facilities


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PEGAFLOR safety surfaces are installed only by experienced and specialised PEGAFLOR installers. The installation companies authorised by BECO BERMÜLLER always carry out the installation work meticulously, professionally and cost-effectively.

As a service provider, we offer clients, designers and contractors a comprehensive package:

  1. Expert advice during the planning phase
  2. Fulfilment of the orders with perfect workmanship and expertise
  3. Regional presence, making even relatively small projects cost-effective
  4. Fall protection characteristics that comply with the requirements of the site and the required certifications
  5. Professional implementation of tender specifications and of the creative ideas of designers and clients
  6. Short construction times and flexibility in adapting to specified deadlines


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  • Tested and durable fall protection
  • Excellent long-term elasticity
  • Natural, seamless appearance
  • Can be combined with other safety surfaces
  • A complete system with a long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be used in all weather conditions and at all temperatures
  • Fast drying
  • Cost-effective solution
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PEGAFLOR safety surfaces made of synthetic turf


PEGAFLOR safety surfaces made of synthetic turf

PEGAFLOR Safety Surfaces


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