REGUM Edgings

Es ist zwingend notwendig, elastische Spiel- und Sportflächen mit Randsteinen einzufassen, die die gleichen elastischen Eigenschaften wie die Beläge selbst aufweisen. Dies ist insbesondere deswegen wichtig, da die Übergänge von unterschiedlichen Oberflächen besondere Stolperfallen darstellen.

Your advantages

Tested and durable fall protection

Can be used in all weather conditions and at all temperatures

Cost-effective and sustainable overall concept


Flexible use of edgings

It is essential that the edgings used around elastic sports and play surfaces have the same elastic properties as the surfaces themselves. This is especially important, since the transition between different types of surface often represents a tripping hazard.

Elastic REGUM edgings are laid in the same way as concrete edgings, i.e. set in concrete that is approximately 10 cm thick and tapers towards the top. They can be curved into almost any radius.

Types of application

  • Sand pits
  • Sand play areas
  • Beach sports facilities
  • Sports fields


Abmessungen (mm)Gewicht (kg/Stück)Farben
1.000 x 250 x 50

mit Stahleinlage, Bohrung,
Dübel und Längsrillen




  • Tested and durable fall protection
  • Excellent long-term elasticity
  • Can be combined with other safety surfaces
  • A complete system with a long service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can be used in all weather conditions and at all temperatures
  • Cost-effective solution

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REGUM Edgings


REGUM Edgings

REGUM Fallschutz- und Elastikformteile


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