REGUM Interlocking Pavers

REGUM Interlocking Pavers provide an attractive and interesting alternative to elastic tiles. The pavers find applications in school playgrounds, small play areas, golf course paths, roof areas, gymnastics surfaces, aisles between stables etc.

Your advantages

Can be used in all weather conditions

Cost-effective solution

A complete system with a long service life


Since the individual pavers interlock securely with each other, no special jointing or bonding is required. The pavers are laid just as easily as concrete pavers, on the same type of pavement foundation.

After the sub-base has been laid and compacted, the REGUM interlocking pavers are laid on a bedding course of sand or gravel. The joints are then filled with sand and the paving is compacted using a vibrating plate compactor.

Types of application

  • Play areas
  • Schoolyards
  • Swimming pools
  • Golf course paths
  • Horse stables


Abmessungen (mm)Gewicht (kg/m2)Farben
200 x 165 x 43
(35 Stück/m2)
37schwarz, rotbraun, grün
Das Elastikpflaster ist auch als Sonderanfertigung mit farbechter EPDM-Oberfläche in weiteren Farben erhältlich.


  • Can be combined with other safety surfaces
  • A complete system with a long service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can be used in all weather conditions and at all temperatures
  • Cost-effective solution

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REGUM Interlocking Pavers


REGUM Interlocking Pavers

REGUM Fallschutz- und Elastikformteile


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