Trafficable Paving System

A drivable surface pavement not only provides a safe and stable base, but also contributes to the longevity of the floor. Especially for heavily trafficked areas such as parking lots or access roads, a pavement is essential to prevent damage from heavy vehicles or heavy loads.
However, a paved surface can also be advantageous in private areas. A paved driveway or parking space not only protects the lawn from damage, but also makes it easier to park in and out. There are several materials that are suitable for drivable surface paving. The most common include concrete pavers, asphalt, gravel or crushed stone. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and should be selected based on requirements and application.
Heavy land sealing is one of the main causes of flooding, flash floods and other natural disasters. Due to the construction of roads, traffic areas and buildings, more and more soil is sealed, rainwater cannot percolate properly and flooding occurs.

Therefore, advanced and environmentally friendly concepts are in great demand in surface paving. To meet this need, systems have been developed that are not based on conventional building materials. With plastics, there are extremely durable and versatile options when designing the surface. Lawn grids made of plastic can be laid for a green area or filled with paving stones or bulk material for a paved or gravel surface.

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