GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric

Put an end to the annual battle against weeds. GARDENCOVER weed barrier fabric effectively reduces weed growth and the amount of maintenance work required in the garden.

GARDENCOVER Abdeckgewebe – Unkrautbekämpfung ohne Chemie

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Quick and simple installation

High UV-resistance

Eco-friendly solution


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GARDENCOVER is a black, tightly-woven barrier membrane which allows water but scarcely any light to pass through it. Weeds cannot continue to proliferate in the areas covered with GARDENCOVER, since there is insufficient sunlight.

GARDENCOVER continues to function effectively for many years, making chemical weedkillers completely superfluous.


GARDENCOVER is laid on top of the humus in planting areas and beds and is then covered with a 2 to 5 cm thick layer of bark mulch or clean gravel. Small localised cuts can be made in the fabric in order to plant seedlings or plants. GARDENCOVER also minimises weed growth on decking and wooden paths. Here, you can simply lay GARDENCOVER directly beneath the wooden surfacing material.

For covering planting areas: 1. Gravel | 2. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric | 3. Humus

For covering planting areas

  1. Gravel
  2. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric
  3. Humus
In beds: 1. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric | 2. Humus

In beds

  1. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric
  2. Humus
Under patios and paths: 1. Path/patio | 2. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric | 3. Humus

Under patios and paths

  1. Path/patio
  2. GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric
  3. Humus

GARDENCOVER requires no attention or maintenance. In flower beds and planted areas, however, the fabric should be checked now and then to make sure it is still intact and in place, since it can be displaced or uncovered by external influences (such as animals, children playing, wind etc.).

Packaging units

GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric is available in the following standard packaging units:

Packaging unit Roll dimensions Number of rolls
Box of 6 1,05 x 25 m 6 rolls in box
Starter package 1,05 x 25 m 30 packs in a practical display box
30-pack refill package 1,05 x 25 m 30 packs each with 6 rolls in a box
102-pack refill package 1,05 x 25 m 102 packs each with 6 rolls in a box
2 m roll 2,00 x 50 m Single roll


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  1. Remove any visible weeds, stones and large roots.
  2. The surface to be covered should be as flat as possible.
  3. Roll out the GARDENCOVER. Where the sheets join, ensure an overlap of at least 20 cm.
  4. If the GARDENCOVER is not to be covered afterwards, the fabric must be fixed in place, e.g. with pegs or ground spikes, so the wind cannot lift it.
  5. For subsequent planting, slit the GARDENCOVER crosswise with a Stanley knife. The cut area should be slightly larger than the root ball. For small seedlings, it is sufficient to make just one clean slit.
  6. Fold back the cut fabric, set the plant into the soil and then fold the GARDENCOVER Weed Barrier Fabric back into place.
  7. Finally, the GARDENCOVER should be covered with approximately 2 to 5 cm of bark mulch or clean gravel. Do not use soil or sand here, as this will allow weeds to grow.
  8. For decking and wooden paths, lay the GARDENCOVER on the gravel or sand bed underneath the wooden structure.

Since the GARDENCOVER system dispenses with chemicals, very resistant weeds and grasses may still thrive in individual cases. Flying seeds can result in weeds growing above the GARDENCOVER cover fabric. This means that GARDENCOVER cannot always guarantee one hundred percent protection.


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  • Requires no attention or maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to lay
  • Green guide grid
  • High UV resistance
  • Eco-friendly solution
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