TERRABENT slope stabilisation and sealing system

For the realization of future flood protection measures, products and solutions are required that enable fast, economical and sustainable implementation. Industrially manufactured geosynthetics and system solutions with defined technical properties are particularly suitable for this purpose. The products are manufactured with consistent quality and are quickly and easily assembled on site to form a permanently functional flood protection system. Due to the reduced mass transport, CO2 optimized comparatively short construction times with high installation performance can be achieved.

TERRABENT is a sealed earthwork structure with a vegetated slope inclination of 70°. It is a combination of the statically effective slope stabilization system GREEN TERRAMESH with the geosynthetic clay liner BENTOMAT.

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In the case of new construction or rehabilitation of flood protection dikes, it is not always possible to use the dike geometries recommended in DIN 19712 "Flood protection structures on watercourses" as in the HWS 1.0 and HWS 2.0 system. Often, there are limited space conditions due to built-up areas, resistance of the population to unaesthetic-looking structures or restrictions due to nature conservation.
In these cases, special solutions are required that meet the requirements of flood protection to a high degree and at the same time keep the financial expenditure as low as possible.
Such system solutions are individually adapted to the local conditions by our application technology and can therefore not be predefined in general terms.

TERRABENT is a sealed earthwork construction with a greenable slope inclination of 70°. It is a combination of the statically effective slope stabilization system GREEN TERRAMESH with the geosynthetic clay liner BENTOMAT.

The solution thus combines a waterproofing effect as defined by RiStWag with a stability and erosion-proof slope inclination of 70°. This intelligent design allows a wide range of applications in earthworks, which were previously very difficult to construct.


With TERRABENT system solutions, slopes and embankments can be constructed very steeply and still be effectively sealed. This makes TERRABENT particularly suitable for use as a flood protection structure.

In most cases, flood protection walls are made of concrete or steel due to limited space. However, this type of construction is not always in line with the aesthetic sensibilities of local residents and building owners. TERRABENT offers a visually appealing construction method that simultaneously assumes the function of a highly impermeable earth structure.

TERRABENT also makes it possible to form embankments in the area of bank protection that also have a sealing effect. With relatively little effort, it is also possible to construct basin systems with steeper slopes to increase the usable space, e.g. in water reservoirs.

For applications in hydraulic engineering, rodent protection against water rats and beavers is of growing importance. Here, the steel-based system offers an optimal protective function, which has been proven in field tests.


  • greenable face area
  • sealed earthwork
  • durable and robust materials
  • safe, enveloping overall system
  • economical construction
  • protection against beavers and water rats

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TERRABENT slope stabilisation and sealing system

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