BEVENT Separating Layers for Metal Roof Construction

Our environment is in a state of constant change. Modern architecture continues to produce ever more attractive roof landscapes and higher quality facade constructions. This inspires architects to produce creative designs and presents a challenge to the craftsmen on site. The cool, silvery sheen of zinc and aluminium, the bluish gleam of stainless steel and the warm combination of colours reflected by copper make whole new architectural solutions possible. With the diverse range of durable metal panels now available, fascinating roof landscapes and facades can be created using the "standing seam" technique. BEVENT has been specially developed to preserve the advantages of such roof constructions in the long term by providing a sound-absorbing ventilation mat in combination with a water-vapour permeable separating layer.

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For noise reduction in metal roof and facade systems

BEVENT NC is a noise-reducing foil separating layer made of durable polyolefin and has good chemical and microbiological resistance. The separating layer comes ready coated on one side with solvent-free, temperature-resistant acrylate adhesive. This ensures a secure and permanent bond between the BEVENT NC and the metal panels. For noticeable noise reduction, the self-adhesive BEVENT NC separating layer is quickly and easily bonded to the underside of the metal panel across its entire surface. This process can be carried out comfortably in the workshop, in advance, without causing any delays on the construction site.


  • Noise reduction and corrosion protection in one product
  • Reduction of drumming noise caused by precipitation
  • Modulates structure-borne noise into pleasant frequency ranges
  • Reduces the noises caused by expansion of the metal surface
  • Easy to install, thanks to self-adhesive surface
  • Pre-assembly in the workshop is possible


Roof underlay membrane and ventilation layer in one

BEVENT SK is a composite sheet comprising a three-layer vapour-permeable separating sheet and a randomly arranged monofilament non-woven fabric with a bonded self-adhesive butyl edge strip.

BEVENT SK serves as a ventilation and spacer layer between the roof structure and the metal cladding. The open structure of the randomly arranged monofilaments prevents the permanent accumulation of water, and the vapour-permeable roof underlay membrane provides the highest level of protection against the elements during the construction phase.

BEVENT SK three-dimensional separating layer The membrane also ensures that any residual moisture from the construction phase can escape and that moisture collecting on the surface of the membrane is drained away and discharged from the roofing system. At the same time, BEVENT SK's randomly arranged monofilament fabric efficiently decouples the metallic cladding from the substructure and minimises sound bridges. This results in a reduction in noise levels.


  • Can be laid under all types of metal cladding materials
  • Due to its excellent drainage properties, BEVENT can be laid even on roofs with very shallow gradients.
  • Can be laid in any direction, since water drains through it just as quickly in the longitudinal direction as in the transverse direction.
  • Quick to lay due to roll widths of 140 cm
  • 10-cm-wide overlap area with no spacer fabric, along one edge
  • Membranes are easily and firmly jointed by means of the self-adhesive butyl strip in the overlap area.
  • Smoothes out any unevenness in the subsurface, giving it a perfect appearance.
  • Suitable for laying on all types of subsurface

    Quick and easy to lay

  • Simple and reliable connections in valley and arris areas
  • Practical solution for penetrations
  • Quick and easy trimming of the interlocking fabric in the longitudinal or transverse direction using scissors or by tearing along the straight edge of a lath
  • The interlocking fabric can be easily separated from the water-vapour permeable separating layer, whilst remaining firmly bonded to the non-woven contact fabric over its entire area
  • Light-weight rolls and convenient package dimensions, for easy transport on the construction site
  • Self-adhesive butyl strip enables fast and precise laying


Open structure prevents the accumulation of water

BEVENT W is a three-dimensional fabric made of randomly arranged PP monofilaments. It is used as a ventilation and spacer layer between the roof structure and the metal cladding. The open structure of the fabric prevents the long-term accumulation of water. It forms an air-conveying layer with a void ratio of more than 95 %, which effectively prevents the build-up of condensation. At the same time, BEVENT W efficiently decouples the metallic cladding from the subsurface and thus minimises sound bridges. This significantly lowers the noise level. BEVENT W is used in all applications where a roof underlay has already been laid.


Reliable protection against moisture

BEVENT M is a three-layer underlay and sarking membrane for metal roofs. During exposure to the elements in the construction phase and during actual use, BEVENT M protects the roof structure and thermal insulation from moisture caused by condensation, rain and fine snow.

How BEVENT M Roof Underlay Membranes work

BEVENT M underlay membranes are remarkable for their high water-vapour permeability. This ensures that humidity inside the structure diffuses through to the outside and that the roof structure and roof insulation are effectively protected from the harmful effects of condensation.


  • Lightweight rolls
  • The stability of the material makes it easy to handle on the construction site
  • Easy to cut and prepare and quick to lay on the roof
  • Its high strength allows it to be safely walked on during the construction phase

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BEVENT Separating Layers for Metal Roof Construction

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