BECO sports turf substrate RTS

More than 20 years of production experience in the manufacture of innovative sports field construction materials are a guarantee for quality. The development of our BECO sports turf substrate RTS is continuously monitored by an experienced testing institute. The mixture components are carefully matched to each other and guarantee optimal function.


Our substrate RTS 3 is characterized by a high-quality mixture component, which is continuously monitored by an experienced testing institute, and a consistently high quality. Already a few weeks after sowing a good root development and thus an optimal plant development and area stability is characterized.
DIN 18035 Part 4 places high demands on both drainage layers and turf base layers, which are clearly exceeded by our substrates.
The outstanding properties are:

  • Optimum water permeability
  • High water storage capacity
  • Excellent biological activity
  • Good nutrient supply
  • Excellent surface elasticity
  • Low susceptibility to compaction
  • Optimal filter stability
    All the above advantages are basic prerequisites for vigorous, well growing turf.

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BECO sports turf substrate RTS

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