GARDENFLOOR synthetic turf

GARDENFLOOR synthetic turf for gardens looks good all year round, because it guarantees a consistently attractive and indestructible lawn. Different shades of green are used and felt is incorporated into the synthetic turf to create an unprecedented natural look without any of the disadvantages of natural grass.

Barefoot quality: GARDENFLOOR has a particularly pleasant feel that even bare feet can scarcely distinguish from natural grass.

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Your advantages

Low maintenance

Weatherproof, durable and robust

Cost-effective system


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The important qualities of a synthetic turf are not always obvious to the user. The visual appearance and approximation to natural grass are the first indicators that distinguish between high-quality and basic synthetic turfs. It is also helpful to look at the technical data for the various types of synthetic turf.

The pile height of the turf is one of the quality criteria. It describes the length of the fibres. Soft, fluffy synthetic turf usually has a longer pile height.

Since GARDENFLOOR is produced using the tufting process, the quality can also be judged by the pile density (the number of fibre bundles per square metre). As a rule, more piles mean higher quality and a more expensive synthetic turf, since more material is used and more work is involved in its production. Our tufted GARDENFLOOR synthetic turf for gardens is coated with high-quality, environmentally-friendly latex on the underside.

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GARDENFLOOR requires very little maintenance. Its natural look can be maintained by simply brushing occasionally with a nylon brush. Larger items (paper, leaves, branches etc.) should also be removed.

If exceptionally heavy soiling occurs, this can generally be removed by hosing down with a pressure washer or garden hose.

Product range

No two turfs are alike. Nature has produced different varieties of grass that grow well in different regions and locations. Our range of synthetic turfs also offers different types to choose from. The balanced range comprises a total of six selected synthetic turfs for gardens and landscaping. The range extends from the DELUXE, SUPREME and KOMFORT models at the top of the range to the mid-range PREMIUM and STAR models and the NATURELL budget model. This variety offers the right solution for every user, from cost-effective to exclusive.

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The SUPREME model is the ideal choice where a high-quality synthetic garden turf with a high pile height is required. SUPREME synthetic turf for gardens is the version with the highest pile, for a particularly pleasant barefoot feel. The different shades of green give it the natural appearance of a well maintained, high-pile synthetic lawn.

  • High pile height
  • Robust fibre structure
  • Natural appearance
  • Particularly pleasant barefoot feel
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The DELUXE is ideal for particularly high-quality and luxurious garden and landscaping projects. DELUXE synthetic turf for gardens is the highest quality product in the entire synthetic turf range. Its dense structure gives it its exclusive appearance. A brownish felt is incorporated to enhance its natural character.

  • Luxurious appearance
  • Natural look
  • A particularly natural feel
  • Distinctly higher feel-good factor
  • Extremely soft surface structure
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KOMFORT synthetic turf is suitable for all high quality garden and landscaping projects. As the name suggests, KOMFORT synthetic turf for gardens focusses on providing a high feel-good factor and a lawn that is comfortable to walk on. The softness is achieved with a slightly loosened structure.

  • Best walking comfort
  • Natural feel
  • Soft surface
  • High feel-good factor
  • Natural look
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The PREMIUM model is the answer where a balance between exclusivity and economy needs to be found. A short pile height and an exclusive appearance need not be a contradiction in terms. PREMIUM synthetic turf skilfully combines both worlds in one product. Thanks to the high-quality fibres in different shades of green, it retains its natural appearance even with low pile heights. The short pile height ensures that the synthetic turf stands upright.

  • High-quality appearance
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Natural feel
  • Short surface structure
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STAR synthetic turf for gardens is the optimal option for cost-effectiveness and utility. STAR is the high-quality all-rounder among synthetic turfs for gardens. It has a rich structure, mixed shades of green with brownish felt for a natural appearance, and a medium pile height. With its good price/performance ratio, this combination is particularly attractive.

  • Versatile
  • Natural character
  • Very good price/performance ratio
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NATURELL is the most cost-effective solution wherever a simple synthetic turf meets the requirements.The NATURELL model is the ideal first step into the world of synthetic turf for gardens. It has a very short pile height and a simple but dense structure.

  • The most inexpensive model
  • Short pile height
  • Robust structure


Color bright- and
green tones
with integrated
brown felt
green tones
green tones
bright- and
color tones
mixed with
green tones
Pole height 50 mm 35 mm 35 mm 23 mm 26 mm 15 mm
Number of nubs 9.468 18.898 16.798 16.798 15.750 14.698
Fibers UV-stable
Back Latex Coating
We are pleased to provide you with current data sheets, tender texts, certificates and technical proofs on request.

Areas of application

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You can create a permanent, natural-looking green oasis with aesthetic appeal in your garden, whatever the conditions, and only a fraction of the usual maintenance costs and effort is required. For example, an average of 70 % of the water used in the garden is needed for the natural lawns.

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Public areas

Surfaces that will not stay green or never become green present a common problem in public areas. Such areas include playgrounds, kindergartens or schools, where continuous play prevents natural grass from growing and regenerating. The installation of synthetic turf can solve this problem without restricting the children's play. It also offers designers, architects and clients considerable creative freedom, since almost any shapes can be created, such as round areas or recesses. The turf can also be equipped to provide fall protection.

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Commercial property

GARDENFLOOR lends commercial buildings a touch of class and flair with its year-round green lawn quality. Even when constantly exposed to high levels of sunlight, the artificial turf retains its appearance and does not fade. Walkways that are in daily use remain beautiful and attractive in the long term. The synthetic turf can also be retrofitted at a later date and immediately gives the area a natural green appearance. Areas of application in commercial properties include roof terraces, inner courtyards, driveways, entrances and high-profile areas.

Track construction

Synthetic turf demonstrates its advantages to full effect in this extremely difficult environment. If natural grass is used for "green tracks", thorough maintenance is required to keep it healthy and allow it to grow in the long term. This means on-going costs and logistical operations for the operator. With GARDENFLOOR, these expenses are minimised, because the green synthetic turf around the tracks never needs to be mowed, watered or restored. Consequently, maintenance costs are significantly lower and the turf is many times more durable than natural grass. Another advantage is the easy installation. The turf is fixed to a rubber profile and edgings. For stability, the lawn is also infilled with sand, which remains invisible.


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The base layer on which the turf is laid must be level, sufficiently compacted, water-draining and have a stable grain matrix.Suitable base layers include: Bound base layer (e.g. asphalt) Unbound base layer (hard rock/crushed sand)

The sheets of synthetic turf are available in 2 m and 4 m widths and are laid loosely with butt joints. The butt joints are sealed with seam tape and a two-component adhesive.

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The final fixing of the synthetic turf depends on the local conditions and the requirements relating to the surface and can be achieved by the following means:

  • Fixing hooks
  • Clamping strips
  • Embedding trench
  • Adhesive
  • Filling with fire-dried silica sand, if required


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  • Low maintenance
  • Consistent long-term quality (UV stabilised)
  • No visible joints
  • Long lasting and robust
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Cost-effective system
  • Easy installation
  • Child-friendly material
  • Protects against burrowing animals and weeds


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GARDENFLOOR synthetic turf


GARDENFLOOR synthetic turf

GARDENFLOOR Synthetic Turf

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