BECOlastic synthetic turf systems

If training and match activities are expected to cause such high loads that they would permanently damage natural turf, or if the maintenance costs for mowing, fertilising and watering are too high, a synthetic turf pitch is the first choice. Our high-quality synthetic turf and shock pads not only meet all the expectations of the players, but also offer excellent resistance, a long service life and a natural appearance.

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Key Advantages

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Planning assistance

We provide advice and assistance from your first cost-benefit analysis right through to the detailed design!

Synthetic turf to meet any requirements

Whether you are looking for maximum resilience, a natural feel, or ecological features, our range has the right synthetic turf system for you. We can also install our products for you on site, on request.


On request, we can have your playing field certified by independent test institutes in accordance with DIN EN 15330/DIN 18035-7 or DIN SPEC 91335.


With our products, we attach great importance to providing durable and environmentally friendly solutions.


1. Synthetic turf | 2. Infill material depends on system or variant | 3. BECOLASTIC Shock Pad | 4. Base layer, unbound or bound
1. Synthetic turf | 2. Infill material depends on system or variant | 3. BECOLASTIC Shock Pad | 4. Base layer, unbound or bound

Over the years, different types of synthetic turf have been developed and constantly improved. The most important factor in producing characteristics similar to those of natural turf is the elasticity of the overall system. Here, the shock pad beneath the synthetic turf is decisive, in addition to the infill materials used.

Our BECOLASTIC Synthetic Turf Systems are installed on BECOLASTIC, a shock pad that is pre-prepared in the factory. It comes in different thicknesses and bulk densities and is matched to the types of synthetic turf laid on top of it, which differ in pile height, fibre density, structure and infill material, depending on the type of application.

Synthetic turf system on a DIN-compliant, bound or unbound base layer: This construction method, which has been tried and tested since 1983, enables developers to create sports fields to the highest international standards at comparatively low cost.

System Components

The properties of all the system components are crucial to achieving the playing comfort and appearance of natural turf. For our synthetic turf systems, we rely on selected components that have been tried and tested over many years.

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BECOLASTIC is a shock pad made of 100 % closed-cell polyethylene foam. It has proved its long-term elasticity over a period of more than 20 years with virtually no change in its force dissipation values, which makes it the perfect support surface for any synthetic turf.

BECOLASTIC offers a wide range of advantages compared to elastic base layers made of plastic (ET layers). In contrast to shock pads that are water-permeable over their whole surface area, BECOLASTIC does not absorb water, thanks to the closed-cell structure of the material, and is, therefore, absolutely frost resistant. The synthetic turf remains elastic even in sub-zero temperatures.

Moreover, no foreign materials, such as dust, sand or liquids, can penetrate the closed-cell structure and change the elastic properties of BECOLASTIC.

In the finished synthetic turf system, the BECOLASTIC Shock Pad, laid on a suitable foundation layer, ensures excellent water permeability thanks to its cross-shaped perforations, so that the synthetic turf pitch can be used immediately after heavy rainfall.

The BECOLASTIC Shock Pad is permanently elastic, harmless to the environment, and also remains economical throughout decades of use.

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Infill materials

Infill materials

In our range you will find synthetic turf systems with sand or other natural infill materials. Here, fire-dried crystal silica sand is used, for example, to stabilise the turf and provide the necessary basic stability.

Elastic infill materials are also used, depending on the requirements placed on the chosen variant. All our infill materials are DIN tested and are subject to stringent, on-going quality monitoring by external authorities.


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Our synthetic turf systems for professional and amateur football meet all the expectations of the players – no matter what the division. Our football turf is characterised by high resistance, a long service life, consistent playing characteristics and a natural look.

Synthetic turf: Pile heights: 30 – 40 mm, Various tape thicknesses, Various fibres: straight or textured, Various pile densities.

Infill material: Sand, sand and rubber, or sand and cork, depending on the variant.

Elastic layer: BECOLASTIC Shock Pad 8.3 S or BECOLASTIC Shock Pad 10.5 S depending on the system requirements.

System verifications: Tested according to DIN EN 15330, DIN 18035-7 and DIN SPEC 91335

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Multisport for sport and leisure

Our multisport systems offer durable and sustainable solutions for sports surfaces that are commissioned by municipalities, schools or sports clubs and therefore have to meet exacting specifications in terms of quality and durability.

Synthetic turf: Pile heights: 15 – 35 mm, Various tape thicknesses, Various colours (on request).

Infill material: With or without sand, depending on variant.

Elastic layer: BECOLASTIC Shock Pad 10.5 S.

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For tennis, we offer synthetic turf with excellent playing characteristics, suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Synthetic turf: Pile heights: 15 mm or 23 mm, Various colours (on request), In some cases with tufted-in lines, colour: white, Available as a construction site package.

Infill material: Fire-dried silica sand.

No elastic layer necessary


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The BECOLASTIC Shock Pad is delivered in rolls to the construction site and can be laid quickly and easily in a single operation. The synthetic turf is then laid directly on top of the shock pad, without delay, so that the entire synthetic turf pitch can be installed within a very short time.

The synthetic turf must be brushed at regular intervals, depending on the amount of use and the type of location, in order to remove any debris (such as leaves). Professional maintenance using special machinery is required once a year. We can also provide this service if required.

Suitable maintenance equipment can be found, for example, at LOB Sport ( We will be happy to send you the current catalogue, on request.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, especially in new construction projects. Due to its environmental compatibility and durability, the BECOLASTIC Shock Pad in our synthetic turf systems makes a particularly significant contribution to sustainability.

Durability and a long service life

The excellent performance of BECOLASTIC has been verified in independent long-term studies. Repeated inspection tests have shown that the force dissipation values and material properties remain practically constant over decades of use. Optimal test values were obtained even in cases where the worn synthetic turf had been replaced and the original BECOLASTIC Shock Pad left in place.

Environmental compatibility

BECOLASTIC Shock Pads are made of environmentally neutral, closed-cell polyethylene foam, which means that no environmentally harmful leaching occurs. It can therefore be used even in drinking water catchment areas. The environmental compatibility is tested in accordance with DIN 18035-7.


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  • Extremely resilient for training and match activities
  • Optimum playing comfort and safety
  • Low maintenance (no mowing, fertilising or watering)
  • Outstanding long-term durability with no reduction in performance over time
  • Unaffected by frost
  • The shock pad is an environmentally-friendly and environmentally-harmless system component that is suitable for use in drinking water catchment areas
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Very good cost-benefit ratio

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BECOlastic synthetic turf systems


BECOlastic synthetic turf systems

BECOLASTIC Synthetic Turf Systems

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