SMASHCOURT Tennis court surface

SMASHCOURT is a synthetic tennis court surface that combines the advantages of an all-weather court with the appearance and positive playing characteristics of a clay court. The SMASHCOURT, which can be played on all year round, has the technical playing characteristics of a high-quality clay court, but requires little care and maintenance. SMASHCOURT has been classified by the ITF as a Category 2 (Medium - Slow) playing surface and offers players a consistently good playing experience with perfect gliding properties in terms of surface speed, ball reflection and playing comfort. Good damping values protect the players' health and prevent the risk of injuries.

The coordinated system components prevent gradual compaction of the playing surface and ensure permanently high drainage performance. This makes the tennis court surface an all-weather court that can be played on all year round and is also suitable for indoor use thanks to its low dust generation.

Thanks to the use of robust synthetic fibers, SMASHCOURT is particularly durable, even under heavy playing conditions.


SMASHCOURT tennis courts are based on the construction principle of an unbound playing surface. The system consists of synthetic turf and red quartz sand. The red polyethylene fibers of SMASHCOURT are 12 mm long and have been designed to curl under load and form a closed and stable surface with the sand.

One of the great benefits in terms of play experience and maintenance are the white lines. The lines are also made of durable monofilament yarns, but they are 2 mm longer than the red fibers, so they always remain visible above the quartz sand. As a result, the lines are easily recognizable even during active play. The sand incorporated into the artificial turf ensures a natural appearance of the tennis court and optimum playability. With a grain size of 0.3 mm - 0.8 mm, the SMASHCOURT sand offers excellent load-bearing capacity and the gliding effect desired by players. The grain structure supports good drainage of the playing surface and thus enables year-round use.

To make the sand look as natural as possible, the color pigments have been fused into the grains in a special process. In this way, the SMASHCOURT sand stands out significantly from other dyed sand types in terms of durability and UV resistance.

ITF Certified

SMASHCOURT is a Speed 2 (medium slow) rated tennis court and can be found on the ITF's list of certified playing surfaces. This International Tennis Federation ITF program was developed to create comparability of type and playing speed of tennis courts.

A side effect of the swelling capacity is that in the event of minor mechanical damage to the geomembrane, a so-called "self-healing effect " occurs and the leaking area reseals itself.


Application area Tennis courts
Product type Sand filled artificial grass
Color Base: red
Line: white
Pole height Base: 12mm
Line: 14mm
UV stability > 3.000 hours UV-A
Back coating Latex
Roll width 4,00 m
Roll length approx. 16 kg/m 2 Quartz sand artificial turf
Filling approx. 16 kg/m 2 Quartz sand artificial turf


The installation of SMASHCOURT tennis court surfaces is usually carried out by experienced sports court builders. The installation companies authorized by BECO BERMÜLLER guarantee clean, professional construction work under economical conditions.

As a service provider, we offer clubs a comprehensive overall package:

  1. Competent consulting of club management and groundsman in the planning phase
  2. Professional and technically flawless execution of the orders in cooperation with the sports field builders
  3. Flexible adaptation to the individual needs of the club
  4. A fast realization time of the whole project


The changeover to a SMASHCOURT tennis court surface results in noticeable savings for the club and its members. For example, SMASHCOURT eliminates the need for expensive watering of the courts. This not only saves the club money, but also relieves the groundsman and the members during the season. The savings are also noticeable during the spring overhaul, since the time-consuming and costly reconditioning of the weathered tennis flour is no longer necessary.

Since the colored quartz sand has a large-surface hold in the artificial turf, only a small amount of sand is redeposited, even during intensive play. Large depressions that form undesirable puddles when it rains are a thing of the past. Thanks to the always even surface of SMASHCOURT, there are also no step holes, which pose a not inconsiderable risk of injury to the player.

There is also a relief for the members in the match operation. The maintenance effort after a match is significantly lower with SMASHCOURT on the court and after a summer thunderstorm the breaks in play are shortened due to the consistently good drainage performance of the surface system.

All in all, the economic and maintenance advantages pay off even for small and medium-sized clubs.


  • Playing characteristics of a clay court
  • All-weather surface that can be played on all year round
  • Very good gliding properties thanks to the special quartz sand
  • Protects ligaments, muscles and joints
  • High water permeability
  • Very low maintenance
  • True-to-nature look in brick dust red
  • Constant quality of the playing surface
  • 8-year usage guarantee
  • No watering
  • No puddle formation / hardly any rain breaks
  • No step holes, always even surface

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SMASHCOURT Tennis court surface

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