BECOCLAY tennis court surfacing

BECOCLAY tennis court surfacing, made of crushed clay bricks, is the most widely used quality building material for tennis court surfacing for decades. Our clay tennis court surfacing is tested according to DIN 18 035, part 5 and harmlessness to pollutants, is produced from first-class, as-new red clay bricks

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Clay tennis court surfacing is the most commonly used surface layer for water-bound tennis courts for decades. Our BECOCLAY tennis court surfacing is characterized by a natural red color, high wear resistance and water permeability, is tread-resistant and at the same time gentle on the joints.

Our many years of experience in the production of tried-and-tested quality ground from red, multi-fired clay bricks, tested in accordance with DIN 18035 Part 5 and for harmlessness to pollutants, ensure the best playing conditions even under heavy use.

Our clay tennis court surfacing is sieved in the grain sizes 0/1mm, 0/2mm and 0/3mm and delivered to your tennis court either in bulk or bagged in handy, recyclable 25Kg polyethylene bags at a reasonable price.

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BECOCLAY tennis court surfacing

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