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For more than 30 years now, we have provided a wide variety of tennis court products under the LOB Sport brand name, from the classic tennis court broom to durable drag nets and the modern “Zauberbesen” sweeper. With around 500 different products for tennis courts, we are known for our extensive selection, professional consultation and customer-friendly service, from ordering to repairs.

LOB Sport is your expert partner when it comes to first-class products for tennis courts and modern equipment for your tennis club.

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Product range

Enjoy the benefits of LOB Sport tennis court equipment on your tennis court. The quality, price and performance of our products will impress your members right down the line, whether during spring renovation work, court maintenance, tournaments or daily training.

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Tennis court equipment

Modern and durable tennis court equipment, such as nets, singles sticks, posts, lines, line anchors, net straps, court divider nets, screens, chairs, benches and a comprehensive range of accessories

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Court maintenance

Equipment for court maintenance, including tennis court brooms, line brushes, drag nets, drag mats, tennis court squeegees and much more, in various designs and quality grades

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Training and matches

Professional training equipment, such as tennis ball baskets, collectors and rebounders, small court systems, tennis balls, tennis ball carts, tennis ball machines and a large selection of scoreboards, court allocation boards and display equipment for smooth running operation of the courts

Court equipment

Systems for keeping order on the tennis court, with notice boards, waste bins and shoe cleaners

Maintenance machines

High-performance maintenance machines for spring renovation and tennis court maintenance, including the “Tennishexe” scarifying machine, the “Zauberbesen” sweeper, the “Sandy” sanding machine, hand rollers, LOB hydraulic rollers and Zagro motor rollers

Padel Courts

High-quality and tried-and-tested padel courts for unforgettable playing experiences. LOB Sport enables padel courts to be built quickly and professionally so that clubs and court hirers can enjoy their padel courts for as long as possible thanks to a stable construction and perfect glazing.

LOB Sport is aware that club budgets are tight. It is not always necessary to replace worn or damaged tennis nets, lines and scoreboards with new ones. With our extensive range of accessories and spare parts, many products can be repaired at low cost and with little effort.

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