Roof greening & underground car park greening

The greening of buildings is a key component of modern architecture and town planning. In addition to ecological benefits, near-natural ecological off-set areas also offer a multitude of economic benefits for both property developers and residents. Visually attractive green roofs are suitable not only for large flat roofs, but also for garages, carports, kindergartens, schools, shopping centres, factory buildings, warehouses, underground car parks etc. Green roofs create new habitats for plants and animals and generate an agreeable microclimate.

From an economic standpoint, green roofs also make sound financial sense. They provide effective protection against harmful environmental influences and extend the service life of the entire roof structure. Large quantities of rainwater can be buffered and discharged in a controlled manner. The purpose of modern green roof systems is to increase the value of the property, and even to absorb pollutants or positively affect the urban air quality, while at the same time minimising its ecological impact.

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