Civil engineering is the part of the construction industry that deals with the design and construction of structures located on or below the earth’s surface. It covers the design and construction of roads, tunnels, bridges, railways, waterways and dams, as well as earthworks and foundations, including the construction of water supply networks, sewers, gas pipelines and power lines.

In almost all areas of civil engineering, design engineers and contractors use a wide range of geosynthetics and geotechnical system solutions. These include non-woven filtration fabrics, woven geotextiles, geogrids, asphalt reinforcement grids, drainage mats, drainage grids, erosion control mats, geosynthetic clay liners and polymeric geomembranes. Their roles in civil engineering: They separate different layers of soil, filter water, secure slopes, create seals, enable the construction of greened steep walls and retaining structures and ensure good drainage around structures. In addition, reinforcing geosynthetics, such as high-tensile woven geotextiles or stretched geogrids, make it possible to construct cost-effective and sustainable roads and traffic routes on subsoils with a low load-bearing capacity and to stabilise soils that have potentially varying settlement characteristics.

The use of geosynthetics in civil engineering also offers economic and ecological advantages compared to conventional construction methods, which tend to rely on large quantities of concrete, cement, lime or gravel. Firstly, geosynthetics are significantly cheaper to install and maintain, and secondly, in comparison to other construction methods they have a positive ecological balance when used as filtration layers in road construction, for example, or for base course stabilisation on soils with poor load-bearing capacity, in surface sealing systems in landfill construction, or for slope stabilisation in reinforced earthworks.


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