Outdoor facilities

The term outdoor facilities covers a broad spectrum and includes all the parts of a property that do not belong to the building or its operational installations. Outdoor facilities include areas outside the buildings but within the property boundary, such as patios, fencing, paths, paved areas, drainage systems, gardens, green areas, lawns, planted areas and playgrounds.

As a rule, outdoor facilities are taken care of by the property owners themselves or by professional gardeners and landscapers. Building materials such as soil, sand, gravel, concrete, wood and steel are commonly used for professional construction and maintenance. However, special building products such as safety surfaces made of granulated rubber for playgrounds are also used, as well as synthetic turf and jointless natural stone surfacing for roof gardens, inner courtyards, driveways and for creating high-profile areas and entrances. Geosynthetics such as non-woven fabrics, woven geotextiles, geogrids, weed barrier fabrics, drainage mats and membranes are used to permanently stabilise the substrate.

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