Equestrian centres & paddocks

A great deal has happened in recent years in terms of appropriate equestrian care. This development is reflected in the pastures, paddocks, boxes and generous amounts of space. Keeping horses in stables with concrete floors that are covered with a bedding layer of varying thickness is not optimal. The bedding must be regularly replaced. There is also a risk that the horses will scratch the bedding from the floor, allowing more cold to penetrate upwards, or that they develop an allergy to the dust from the bedding. This is why many experts recommend stabling on mats made of granulated rubber. These permanently elastic and springy mats are easy on the horse's joints and also insulate against cold ground and reduce noise.

The elastic mats allow liquids to seep through and they dry again very quickly. The horse stands on a clean, dry floor. In addition, the anti-slip surface gives the horse a better grip – a great advantage for sick or older horses. The rubber mats are suitable for all surfaces that the horses use: horse boxes, free stables, open stables and paddocks. Elastic interlocking pavers are suitable for surfaces where higher shear forces occur, such as in horse walkers, lunge pens, stable alleys and paths leading outside. The interlocking shape prevents the individual pavers from shifting against each other and creating dangerous gaps or trip hazards.

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