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In sports ground construction, various building materials are used for the surfacing and the layers beneath it. The choice of surfacing depends mainly on the type of sport and the intensity of use. The most important materials include mineral materials such as crushed clay aggregates and slag for mineral surfacing, natural stone of volcanic origin or lava for the dynamic layers, and brick dust for tennis court surfaces. By far the largest proportion of surface materials, however, is accounted for by synthetic turf systems and safety surfaces.

Various concepts and types of synthetic turf are available for the construction of football pitches and small pitches. In creating a durable overall system with properties as similar as possible to those of natural turf, a suitable elastic layer is of vital importance. To ensure the longest possible life of the pitch and good sports properties, the synthetic turf, infill material and elastic layer must be carefully coordinated.

If synthetic turf is not desired or cannot be used, many operators rely on jointless safety surfaces, laid in-situ. These safety surfaces reduce the risk of injuries on multifunctional small pitches. Elastic moulded parts in the form of slabs, interlocking pavers, palisades and edgings are used on paths and at the edges of the facilities.

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