Golf courses

Golf courses are characterised, among other things, by their all-year-round lush green appearance. This is achieved by using different types of sports field grass for the tees, fairways and greens. For the turf to perform its function well, it needs sufficient moisture. Golf courses therefore need to be watered regularly, especially in dry climates or in the summer. Where irrigation options are limited or where water has to be saved, special golf course substrates, which are designed for optimal storage of water and nutrients, are used below the turf. These substrates are used, in particular, on the greens, pre-greens and tees of the golf course.

All golfers, and especially beginners, practice teeing off again and again. For this purpose, special practice areas called driving ranges are provided. Driving ranges usually include a covered tee area from which players can hit their practice balls. Since the tee area is subject to very heavy use, golf course operators usually install elastic mats made of granulated rubber. The properties of these mats correspond to those of the fairway. They are resistant to mechanical forces such as the impact of golf shoe spikes. Elastic interlocking pavers made of polyurethane-bonded granulated rubber are suitable for the neighbouring areas. These are laid in the same way as conventional concrete block paving. An added benefit is that golf shoe spikes are not damaged by the elastic surface.

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