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sustainable and resourceconserving riverbank and riverbed protection

RENO PLUS river mattresses as an effective solution for creating nearnatural riverbank habitats

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We are sustainable

GEOSYNTHETICS make sustainable construction methods possible and thus protect natural resources and our environment.

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Hochwasserschutz mit Geobaustoffen

Unsere Systemlösungen für alle Phasen des Hochwasserschutzes

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We are colourful

Our PEGASOFT safety surface solutions are used to create exciting, safe and, above all, colourful recreational landscapes for people of all ages.

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We are proficient

With our technically advanced SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, we also undertake complex construction projects covering an extremely diverse range of applications and products .

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Mix & Match

Design your own jointless safety surface in just a few steps with the new PEGASOFT Colour Designer.

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