Dyke construction

In civil engineering and water engineering, dyke structures are special hydraulic installations designed to protect developed areas and infrastructure against flooding and against tidal events and tidal water in general along coasts and rivers. In many cases, dams and dykes are designed with a different inclination on the water side to that on the air side. So-called dyke defence paths are constructed on and next to the dyke for maintenance purposes and for defence in case of a disaster. The main objective of the dam structures is to protect the hinterland from flooding. Along coasts, dyke structures are also of crucial importance for permanent coastal protection.

Dams and dykes play a central role in flood protection. For this reason, their size, type and construction need to be carefully designed and dimensioned. Geosynthetics such as bentonite mats, geogrids, non-woven fabrics and erosion control mats are used here for sealing, separating, filtering, drainage and erosion control.

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