Protection of foundation walls

Basements, underground car parks and structures in contact with the soil must be permanently protected against the ingress of water such as seepage water, aquifer water, accumulated water and groundwater. Otherwise, there is a risk of water damage, mould and impairment of the building's structural integrity. Proper foundation wall protection is therefore a central issue for architects, construction companies and building owners.

Professionally executed vertical protection for foundation walls essentially comprises a permanent waterproofing layer in combination with a comprehensive planar drainage system. To drain the water away, high-performance protection and drainage systems are used to separate the foundation walls from the neighbouring soil. Special dimpled membranes and drainage membranes are used for this purpose. These consist of a three-dimensional seepage body, for controlled drainage of the water, plus an additional non-woven filter fabric. The non-woven fabric prevents fine soil particles from entering and clogging the drainage layer. Drainage mats and drainage membranes are therefore an effective measure for the protection of building components that are in contact with the soil.

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