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Parkour is a sport that involves moving as quickly and efficiently as possible through complex urban environments and overcoming obstacles using only the capabilities of your own body. The focus is on the flow and control of movement. The parkour runner, or traceur, uses walls, ledges, steps and other obstacles. Meanwhile, many cities have laid out their own parkour facilities with individually designed concrete obstacles for the athletes to practise on.

Parkour runners generally need hard surfaces in order to execute their movements in a controlled way. In the specially created parkour facilities, jointless safety surfaces offer a certain level of safety. For traceurs, seamless surfaces made of granulated rubber are a good compromise that meets the needs of both beginners and advanced practitioners. These surfaces provide fall protection for the athletes, yet are sufficiently rigid to allow movements to be performed in a controlled manner. Loose materials for fall protection, such as sand or bark mulch, would be less suitable in this respect.

The edges of the parkour facility can be designed with edgings made of the same material as the safety surface. And with interlocking paving, slabs and palisades in the same material, the immediate surroundings can also be integrated creatively into the parkour facility.

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