Coastal and river bank protection

Coastal and river bank protection covers various areas of water engineering. Flood protection for low-lying areas near watercourses comes under this heading, as do attempts to control the effects of erosion caused by water, such as bank retreat and land loss. The main causes of erosion are exceptional events such as heavy downpours, storm tides and snowmelt that rapidly introduce large quantities of water into the area to be protected. This results in severe erosion and large movements of soil and flotsam.

In order to minimise such effects, protective structures are constructed along endangered coastal sections and river banks at risk. These may be dykes, dams, barrages or other barriers. Various geosynthetics, such as erosion control mats, geogrids, embankment protection systems and non-woven fabrics, are used for the purpose of reinforcement, filtration, separation, sealing, drainage and erosion control.

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