Pitched roofs

Pitched roofs have an inclination of more than 20° and are probably the most popular roof form. They have several clear advantages over flat roofs. Pitched roofs do not require complex drainage systems, they have excellent stability and, depending on the type of roofing, are permanently weather resistant. The roof space can also be used to increase the usable floor area of the property. A wide range of construction materials, such as concrete or clay roof tiles, slates and metal can be used for roofing.

Pitched roofs with metal roof cladding offer architects and building owners the possibility of creating entire building shells from a single material. With metal cladding made of titanium zinc, aluminium, copper or stainless steel, it is possible to create roofs, façades or even entire buildings with a monolithic look. Depending on the type of roof structure, the long-term serviceability of the roof is ensured by laying sarking membranes, spacer fabrics or structured separating layers as a ventilation layer between the roof structure and the metal cladding.

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