Railway construction

Railway construction includes all new rail transport structures as well as existing structures that need to be maintained. As a field of civil engineering, railway construction includes not only track construction but also the construction of special structures such as bridges and civil engineering structures. Geosynthetics are used in all types of structure in addition to the usual materials such as concrete and steel.

A distinction must always be made between the different areas of application, which are regulated by the Deutsche Bahn AG guidelines. For all applications in the loaded area of the track bed, a manufacturer-specific product certificate (HPQ) from DB AG or an approval in individual cases (ZiE) from the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) is required.

Due to their wide-ranging applications, geosynthetics have to perform many different functions, such as sealing, subsoil stabilisation, concrete repair, drainage, erosion control, filtering, protection, slope stabilisation and the reinforcement of base courses. Defined, tested and quality-monitored non-woven fabrics, geogrids, geocomposites, drainage mats, clay liners and polymeric geomembranes selected from the diverse range of available geosynthetic products are used for corresponding applications in the field of railway construction.

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