Landfill sites & decontamination

One of the main topics that environmental and civil engineers have to contend with today is the design and maintenance of landfills and the remediation of contaminated former industrial sites. These problematic areas, which have enormous potential for harming people and nature, offer various possibilities for using geosynthetics to develop safe and resource-saving solutions for the benefit of future generations.

The technical regulations and legal requirements for landfill construction specify appropriate systems for the bottom sealing and surface sealing of the contaminated areas. A primary goal of landfill construction and the remediation of contaminated sites is to reduce the ingress of surface water, which means sealing the surface of the contaminated areas with polymeric geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners to prevent leaching. In surface sealing systems, however, not only waterproofing is important, but also drainage, separation, protection, filtration and erosion control. Pressure-resistant drainage grids, tension-resistant geogrids and robust non-woven fabrics are used for these purposes. The securing of steep slopes at the base of the landfill can also be important for landfill construction and for securing contaminated sites from an ecological and economic point of view.

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