Tennis courts

Tennis is played on various types of surface. The speed and bounce of the tennis ball changes depending on the surface. The noblest tennis court surface is grass and the most famous grass courts are at Wimbledon. Since natural grass is very sensitive and requires a great deal of maintenance, there are very few grass tennis courts.

The most common surface for tennis courts is clay. Clay courts have a characteristic red colour. This comes from the brick dust that is obtained from ground clay bricks. However, only the top layer consists of brick dust. Underneath it lies a thick dynamic layer of lava. Dynamic layers store moisture, which is later released to the water-bound surface layer in dry weather. They also improve the elasticity of the court and serve as a grain-size transition layer between the fine-grain surface and the coarse-grain base layer. The most famous clay court tournament in the world is the French Open in Paris.

Another type of surface is a synthetic tennis court surface. This combines the advantages of an all-weather court with the appearance and positive playing characteristics of a clay court. The surface can be played on all year round, yet requires very little care or maintenance. Coordinated system components prevent the playing surface from gradually compacting and also ensure permanent drainage.

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