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In order to keep the danger of slipping in open-air pools and water parks to a minimum, the pool edges, in particular, and the paths between the pools must be slip-resistant. Jointless safety surfaces are therefore particularly suitable thanks to their anti-slip effect and their excellent fall protection properties. They can also be adapted to follow curved pool edges. Fall protection elements made of granulated rubber are also suitable as edgings for paddling pools. In addition, interlocking pavers, slabs and palisades can also be integrated into the design of swimming pools.

An interesting alternative to asphalt or concrete surfacing for swimming pool paths is jointless natural stone surfacing. This is made of stone granulate combined with special binders and is laid in-situ, without any joints. It creates a firm and hard-wearing floor covering. The coarse-grained structure of the granulate compound ensures that water drains away from the surface, aided by a free-draining substructure or by an appropriate gradient. Jointless natural stone coverings are also available in different colours.

To prevent grass and dirt from finding its way into the pool water, it is advisable to lay synthetic turf on the areas close to the pool. Neither moisture nor chlorine affect the synthetic turf, and the turf is also extremely hard-wearing. Moreover, high-quality synthetic turf hardly differs from natural grass in appearance or feel.

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