Sports fields & leisure facilities

The construction of sports fields and leisure facilities is a specialist field of landscaping. It requires special design engineering expertise and the construction itself is usually carried out by specialised companies. The use of suitable and tested construction materials is the most important prerequisite for constructing these sports and leisure facilities in accordance with the regulations. This is the only way to create high-quality football pitches, tennis courts, golf courses and playgrounds, for example, that can be used permanently, safely and without risk of injury.

In the case of football pitches with natural turf, for example, the sports turf substrates beneath the turf are of critical importance. They ensure that sufficient moisture is stored, no waterlogging occurs and that the sports turf is supplied with sufficient nutrients. With synthetic turf fields and small pitches, the elasticity of the overall system is crucial, because the primary aim is to minimise the risk of injury. Seamless surfaces made of rubber granulate have proven to be particularly effective on small pitches. The surfaces comprise a highly elastic base and a colour-fast EPDM top layer. These surfaces, which are usually designed as fall protection surfaces, are installed on a bound or unbound base course. Water-bound playing surfaces made of mineral materials offer an alternative here. For the surface layer of tennis courts, tennis court surfacing or crushed clay aggregates made from ground clay bricks are used.

Fall protection is the main focus when constructing sports facilities, playgrounds, play areas and the areas around swimming pools and in water parks. The fall protection surfaces usually consist of an elastic base layer and a top layer made of EPDM. The rubber granulate is available in various colours and in the form of various moulded elements. For larger areas or for modelling, the surface is laid in-situ, without any joints. In the case of swimming pools and water parks, care must also be taken to ensure that not only protection against falling is provided, but also adequate slip resistance. Synthetic turf can also be used for fall protection provided that a suitable elastic layer is installed beneath it.

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